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YADA 2K 360° RoadCam Pro – Brand New (B1-D)

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YADA 2K 360° RoadCam Pro – QHD 2K Compact Dashcam with App Control, Built-in GPS, 4-in-1 Split Screen Recording, 16GB SD Card Included, Black

Retail $150

The YADA 2K 360° RoadCam Pro is a must-have for daily commuters and rideshare operators. Thanks to the 360° camera, you will not only be able to capture more of the road, but also the interior of your vehicle in stunning 2K resolution, day OR night. Record your drives with the shutter speed so on-point and precise you will be able to make out license plates and faces from a distance. GPS built-in so your speed and location can be accurately detected and recorded. Multiple recording modes including Fish Eye, 360-degrees, VR, 2-in-1, and 4-in-1; extremely versatile. The integrated G-Sensor technology autosaves and locks the video to the MicroSD memory card during an impact incident. Loop recording continuously records by overwriting older video with new footage ensuring you never miss a minute of your drive. Transfer video files through built-in Wi-Fi and the YADA Drive App. 16GB SD card included in the package but compatible up to 128GB
  • [2K QHD Resolution] The YADA 2K 360° RoadCam Pro captures ultra clear view in 2K QHD resolution, offering amazing video quality that’s twice as good as a regular FHD. This greater clarity allows you to capture license plates from the road, as well as surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, providing you with documentation in case of a collision.
  • [360°, Inside & Out] Record not only what’s in front of your vehicle, but also what’s inside the car, simultaneously. This QHD camera (Black) is perfect for rideshare and taxi drivers; retain clear extra evidence in case there’s an accident or driver-passenger conflict. Protect the vehicle, protect the passenger(s), and most importantly, protect yourself.
  • [Live Stream & Share] Connect the YADA 360° camera to your iOS or Android Devices wirelessly, Live Stream & share your adventures instantly with your friends and family, let them experience it 1st hand as if they’re right there by your side!
  • [Enhanced Night Vision] Whenever a low-light environment is detected, the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) inside the camera activates the night vision feature automatically to continue a crystal clear QHD recording, allowing you continue recording your journey no matter the time of the day, under any kind of extreme weather, all year long.
  • [G-Sensor Security] Videos can be recorded in 1,2 or 3 minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, the YADA dashcam automatically overwrites the unlocked & oldest recordings. The built-in G-Sensor instantly locks & saves the video when it detects a collision or a break-in event so you won’t lose the key evidence you may need.
  • [Up to 128GB Storage] This 2K YADA camera comes with a 16GB micro SD memory card, but in case you need more storage space, you may replace it with miro-SD cards of up to 128GB.
  • [Easy Access to Videos] With the YADA Drive App, you can view and download your videos without having to connect the camera (or the SD card) to your computer; all you have to do is connect your phone to the 360 cam with your built-in WiFi.
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