Tommie Copper Infrared Neck Wrap, Unisex, Men & Women | Rechargeable & Adjustable Red Light Therapy Support for Muscle Aches, Stiffness & Recovery P1

Pick up is at the pallet spot located in Dorr Michigan.

1640 142nd ave. Dorr Michigan

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The winning bid will be the highest. Buyers premium 3% and sales tax will be in addition to the winning bid amount. All items are to be picked up within 48 hours of end of auction (72 hours if we are closed, it’s a weekend). If an item is not picked up within the time frame, we will assume it is not  going to be picked up and we will be relisting and you will be out the money paid. These items are to be picked up at the Dorr location. Some auction items can be shipped for an additional charge which will be invoiced after winning the item.  If interested in an item shipped after you won, please email We give you amazing deals, and have given each item a basic inspection.

On average, we find 80-90% of these items in good working condition and complete, mostly “Open Box”. However, some may be used, possibly incomplete, so please keep that in mind when bidding. Returns accepted within 14 days if an item does not work. This does not include chargers, batteries, minor issues or cosmetic wear. You MUST email help@grpliquidations to be approved for a return before you go to the store. Shipped returns must be paid by the customer, we do not pay for shipping charges.  Do not bid unless you agree and understand the terms. By bidding, you acknowledge agreement with the terms provided.

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Terms and Conditions for auction items
Please read before bidding- all items are looked over and labeled at what we see fit.  If you bid on this item, you understand this item could be new, used, open box, a return, etc.Liquidation is a risk and we want everyone to understand before bidding. We do try our best to put actual condition info on each item.
How incremental bidding works: A bid may be placed for any amount equal to or greater than the current required bid amount. The winning bid may end up at any amount.

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Pickup at the Dorr Location

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  • USE CASE: Our most advanced solution for muscle recovery and pain therapy, reach for Infrared & Red Light Therapy before and after your busiest days. This Neck Wrap is designed for maximum comfort and convenience during use on the upper back and neck.
  • INFRARED & RED LIGHT THERAPY: Delivered by high-powered LED microchips, our Infrared & Red Light Therapy combines 880nm Infrared Light with 660nm Red Light. These wavelengths reach deep into muscles and joints, working at the cellular level to provide relief and recovery.
  • 20 MINUTE SESSIONS: One 20-minute session daily is all it takes to energize your cells and achieve great results. You can do more (up to 3 sessions per day per treatment area) but you won\’t experience a substantial increase in benefits beyond the first 20 minutes. So when the device automatically shuts off, you\’re done!
  • USB-RECHARGEABLE: These devices are equipped with USB-rechargeable Li-polymer batteries, which are specifically designed to partially discharge and recharge without developing a \”memory.\” That means there\’s no downside to recharging regularly. The battery is designed to provide three 20-minute sessions per full charge.
  • 60 HIGH-POWERED LEDs:This device is equipped with 60 high-powered LEDs, but only 30 of them will appear visible as red lights. That\’s because the remaining 30 LED microchips are emitting light in the near-infrared spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye.
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