AMZ LPN high count 5ft Gaylord pallet


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Terms and Conditions for auction items
Please read before bidding- all items are looked over and labeled at what we see fit.  If you bid on this item, you understand this item could be new, used, open box, a return, etc.Liquidation is a risk and we want everyone to understand before bidding. We do try our best to put actual condition info on each item.
How incremental bidding works: A bid may be placed for any amount equal to or greater than the current required bid amount. The winning bid may end up at any amount.

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Price includes 3% fee. Pick up is at the Dorr location. Amazon LPN high piece count pallet.

Typically you will see 7000 to 12,000 average retail. You will typically see 350 items to 400 items.

Consider your risk tolerance when purchasing liquidation pallets. Results can vary greatly. This is just our experience.

All pallets as is- there is risk in liquidation

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